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The 15th International Architecture Exhibition : Thailand's Pavillion

The Class of 6.3 : Rebuilding Nine Schools after 2014 Chiang Rai Earthquake

ผลงาน 'ห้องเรียนพอดี พอดี' โรงเรียน อบต. เมืองพาน จ.เชียงราย ได้รับคัดเลือกเป็นหนึ่งในผลงานที่จัดแสดงในงาน Venice Biennale ประเทศอิตาลี พ.ศ. 2559

Message from

The Association of Siamese Architects

With honour to be participating in the 15th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale de Venezia, the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA) takes upon the opportunity to present the “Class of 6.3” exhibition in response to the theme “Reporting From The Front” set forward by the curator, Alejandro Aravena. The architectural exhibition reflects the process that brings about the rebuilding of nine elementary schools destroyed by the severity of Thailand’s first major earthquake on May 5th 2014, with magnitude of 6.3 on the Richter scale centered underneath rural Chiangrai, a northernmost province of Thailand.

It is probably fortunate that the quake centered in the lowly populated area therefore resulted in low number of casualties. Nevertheless, the infrastructure and thousands of buildings and homes were damaged beyond repair. The government rescue funds were not enough to quickly restore normalcy for those in needs. The private sector contribution poured in from all sides including the group of young individuals called “Design for Disasters” who inspected the area and were in touch with architect friends who agreed to design 9 affected schools. The young architects saw it as the way to contribute to society and at the same time an opportunity to break the mold of standard government primary school building typology. They came to ASA to lend their support that is in line with the association’s program to help rebuilding damaged schools including temples and homes caused by the earthquake. We then linked with the public television to gather donations from general public and also from ASA members for the program. We also gained support from fellow professional associations, the contractors association as well as major corporations and local rescue fund to contribute to the rebuilding program. The overall process took longer than expected. However the results are 9 different school designs that match each school’s requirement and settings, 8 of which are now complete. We are full of joy when finally seeing the children’s smile running around the new school buildings.

ASA would like to thank the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture, Thailand; for their collaboration and continuing support. We are also grateful for the financial support receiving from our sponsors to make this exhibition possible. As ASA President, I would like to sincerely thank the curatorial team, designers, contractors and coordinating staffs who worked tirelessly in creating this exhibition.

Pichai Wongwaisayawan


Association of Siamese Architects

under Royal Patronage


Chatpong Chuenrudeemol Chutayaves Sinthuphan

Jeravej Hongsakul

Jun Sekino

Kanika Ratanapridakul Pitupong Chaowakul

Suriya Umpansiriratana Twitee Vajrabhaya Teparkum

M.L.Varudh Varavarn


Theeranuj Wongwaisayawan

Photographer: Spaceshift Studio

RealFrame ossphotography

Videographer: Design On Television (DOTV)


Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture

The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage

In Collaboration With: Design for Disasters (D4D)

Thailand Contractors Association under Royal Patronage The Consulting Engineers Association of Thailand The Engineering Institute of Thailand- under H.M. The King’s Patronage

CH. Karnchang PLC Bangkok Airways PLC Nawarat Patanakarn PLC Italian-Thai Development PLC Toyota Chiang Rai Co., Ltd Bangchak Petroleum PLC

The Chiangrai Earthquake’s Victims Support Fund by Pramaha Wuttichai Vajiramedhi

With the Support Of: SCG Building Material Co., Ltd. Siam Piwat Co., Ltd

Thapanin Co., Ltd Lighting & Equipment PLC



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